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SpeakEasy is far more than simple and effective promotion and advertising.

SpeakEasy has been proven to be extremely effective with the following uses:

Employee Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Statistics show that employee potentials referred by other employees often lead to a better candidate, faster onboarding, and an employee that stays with the organization for a longer period of time. Arming team members with an easily shareable campaign to keep ‘in their pocket’ that can be shared at the right moment with a prospect keeps your talent ‘bench’ deep and ready.

SpeakEasy provides your organization with an efficient and easy way to allow employees to recruit prospects via a simple text message share. When connected with a simple form builder like Google Forms or your own recruitment URL, SpeakEasy delivers a contextual opportunity to drive inquiries. 

Calendar and Appointment Setting

Scenario: You’re hastily scurrying about between meetings on a busy day when a prospect finally contacts you back and wants to discuss doing business. To be accommodative to your prospect you can either make your way to your desktop calendar and send a few back and forth emails coordinating a phone call, or, you can quickly send your prospect a personal campaign with a quick link to your entire calendar? 

Allow your busy team members the ability to share their calendars without ever having to open their laptop or desktop. When combined with any number of services like Calendly, sharing a calendar and allowing recipients an ability to quickly schedule a meeting on their schedule is a fantastic use of the SpeakEasy platform. Fact is, SpeakEasy team members use this same function and enjoy nearly a 100% Engagement and Conversion along with genuine appreciation from their recipients for the convenience.

Informational and Product/Service Awareness

Scenario: You manage an adventure park and just added zip-lining. You need to start building awareness of the new service, start generating word of mouth.

Upload a video campaign of a group having a blast riding your new zip-line that plays right inside the recipients’ message. Include a link to your own website to learn more or allow customers to make reservations. Include a coupon code that they can apply to encourage an early purchase.

Invitations, Signups, and RSVP’s

Scenario: You’re having an event and want to make sure your best clients are present. You can send an email, yet it’s a 50/50 chance that the email will even be opened let alone responded to. However, your clients are always responsive to your text messages and statistics show that 98% of all text messages are read. (Makes us wonder, too, what happens to the 2% that aren’t read.)

Using a service like Eventbrite or Evite, you can easily create a shareable campaign with the details of the event and include the invite service link placed in the custom URL / Call to Action field of the SpeakEasy campaign builder.

Mobile App Installs

Scenario: You have a new mobile app for your business and you want customers to install and start using it.

Create an easily shareable SpeakEasy campaign explaining all the cool functions and features along with Custom Call to Action of “Download our cool app” that includes a dynamic URL to the appropriate mobile app store based on the user’s device (Ask us how – we’re happy to show you!). 

Polls and Surveys

Curious what to replace that tater barrel side item with? Interested in getting feedback on your new fuchsia color scheme? Want to know what sort of music your customers are most interested in? Do it via polls and surveys!

Quickly create a survey using any one of the plethoras of online survey services to create an online survey. Drop the link to the survey in the campaign builder and let your employees and fan advocates share with their personal networks. Get the feedback you seek – fast.

Invitation to Exclusive Event requiring authentication

Scenario: You’ve booked the hottest local band to play at your venue this coming Saturday night. You want to make sure that your venue is full, but you don’t want to give away all of your door cover income. You allow each of your 25 employees the opportunity to give away 2 door passes invitations. (Limits psychologically lead to better selections in this scenario.)

To ensure that only 50 people receive the free cover offer and the VIP “Experience”, you require that they present a QR code at the door at the night of the event. Your door personnel, using a QR Code reader application, can validate and authenticate. By making the QR Code the campaign image (using a service like qrstuff) for the event along with using the timed redeem function inside the campaign builder, you can be assured that only the intended recipients use and redeem the special invitation.

Quote, RFP’s, and Order Forms

Scenario: It’s Friday evening and an employee is out with friends. Your company constructs awesome outdoor living spaces including custom fire pits and decks. While socializing, the employee meets new people and careers are discussed. One of the acquaintances asks about getting a quote for a new replacement deck at their home.

Chances are the napkin your employee used to write down his phone number will likely be thrown away or will be so illegible at the end of the night that the recipient won’t be able to read it. And the paper business card…well, we already know this is likely not an option.

Instead, craft a campaign using a form builder like jotform that generates a link that can be included in the custom URL field of the SpeakEasy campaign builder. A link that takes the recipient to a form to collect the information your business needs in order to follow-up the next business day. Collect opportunity details like where the work will be performed, budgets, wants, needs, timelines, special requests, and other items providing you the most relevant information pertaining to the opportunity. Easy for your employee, easy for your prospect – and a potential new customer for your business.

Credit Linked Offers and Instant Rewards

Scenario: You have an HVAC company and you want to include a special offer of a new wireless thermostat with WiFi support included in the sale of a new home heating and air conditioning system. The value of this offer is $300. In this giveaway, you want to ensure that your customers get the deal with as few as possible hiccups.

The solution, use a credit-linked offer from a provider like Payouts. Offer the client the deal, the client applies the $300 opportunity to their credit card, and once the credit card is used to pay for the new HVAC system with the new thermostat, a $300 credit is then applied to their credit card statement. 

Customer Service

Scenario A: Your team sells complex products and services and customers are often asking for specific documents that explain installation or maintenance instructions. 

Scenario B: A client needs to make an authorized change to their account while traveling out of the country. Your procedures require that a change request include a signature.

Take care of your customers when they need answers fast. Create and maintain custom campaigns with relevant details and a custom link to your information that can be delivered quickly via text message or WhatsApp and accessed easily in the field via mobile. Your customers will appreciate your expedient customer service and “right information at the right time” response.

News and Headlines

Scenario A: Your organization needs to build buzz about recent news or a major announcement.

Scenario B: You are a small news organization, reliant on guest writers and editors, and want to push out your daily headlines to mobile users. You have a large fan base that eagerly likes to share.

SpeakEasy is an incredible platform for small news organizations and groups as well as for businesses wanting to share [their] news with the public. Using a service like Bulletlink or LucidPress, simply create an attention-grabbing headline and picture for your campaign, include the associate link to your mobile site where your news is hosted in the custom URL field, jazz up the call to action button with something like “Crazy News Now”, select your team members that will share, and push the campaign with a click. End recipients will be taken to your online news resource in minutes. Easy and fast content distribution.






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