Use Cases


Ensure that new hires are a good fit for your organization by empowering your Team Members to share job opportunities with their trusted friends and family.

Distributing hiring campaigns through SpeakEasy makes it easy for your employees to refer friends and family members for a job opening. SpeakEasy will alert your Team about the opening, and give employees an easy way to share your campaign with good candidates.

Give your employees the ability to target and reach out to ideal candidates for you. If a candidate applies through SpeakEasy, you know that they are personally referred for the position by one of your employees. It’s that easy!


SpeakEasy gives you the tools to painlessly build promotions in a matter of minutes. Team Members meaningfully connect with hand-selected personal contacts who are most likely to be excited by each specific campaign.

SpeakEasy’s platform brings a feeling of exclusivity to the table. Empower your employees and loyal customers to personally reward their friends by letting them know about truly special specials.

With the speed of text messaging (over 90% of texts are read within 5 minutes), you can effectively fill slow hours in real time with SpeakEasy. Deliver exclusive, time-sensitive promotions to friends and family of your Team Members, and see these happy customers walk through the door.


Seamlessly turn engagements into conversions with URL redirects.

Call To Action buttons make it easy to send your customers to online order pages and pre-loaded shopping carts. SpeakEasy’s web-based platform delivers a smooth customer experience, driving mobile orders and instant action.

Simply copy and paste to deliver customers directly to the page of your choice. Eliminate the chance for customers to drop off somewhere in the middle of the conversion process.


More than ¾ of Americans own and use smartphones today. Using SpeakEasy, your business can deliver videos, audio files, written articles, and other media to their hands via text message links.

Your content marketers work hard building these materials. Don’t let their work be in vain! With SpeakEasy, your Team Members can share your organization’s content with people that will be excited to see it.

You can even send customers to quick surveys where they can provide input on things they care about. SpeakEasy’s personal, direct messaging establishes a sense that their individual input is valuable to your organization.


Getting people to RSVP for events can be painstakingly difficult through traditional Social Media platforms.

If your staff and advocates are excited about an upcoming event, SpeakEasy can empower them to deliver hand-crafted, personal invitations to the people they know will be just as excited as they are. Your Team’s enthusiasm will shine through, drumming up excitement and guiding eager customers toward action.

Deliver these energized customers to the event page of your choosing with SpeakEasy’s URL redirect feature.


Organizations use different tools for fundraising, distributing event information, generating general awareness, and performing other important functions.

SpeakEasy centralizes your various forms of outreach, empowering your advocates to share each message effectively through a single platform.

Want to get the word out about a new program or event? SpeakEasy empowers advocates of your cause to easily share action-driven texts with the right people.

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