We’re extremely proud and excited to announce the beta launch of SpeakEasy. We’ve been testing and receiving feedback from some of our earliest Alpha users. That has allowed us to listen and refine our product into a position where we’re confident enough to introduce Beta.

We know that over 80% of all social sharing occurs over private messaging networks like WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, and many others, yet 90% of marketing budgets are spent on public channels.

That’s a problem for individuals, businesses, and marketers alike. It only makes sense to meet your audience where they communicate the most – via Dark Social.

Dark Social is a channel where direct messaging occurs. Dark Social channels include SMS, chat’s, private messaging services, and email. Typically, these channels are one to one, yet may be one to many such as a group text.

SpeakEasy was created to solve this big problem in the market.

SpeakEasy is the first tool & platform that lets you activate your brand advocates (Employees, Ambassadors, etc) to engage easily influenced, personal networks through SMS, & WhatsApp.

Leveraging true, social intelligence versus artificial sources, SpeakEasy is driven by true influence based on true and factual knowledge of personal network relationships.

If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to learn how SpeakEasy works and request early access today!