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SpeakEasy has ‘digitized’ word of mouth marketing for your organization.

Organic sharing and consistency are tenet’s of SpeakEasy. Creating a message once, which can be distributed to hyper-targeted / hyper-localized recipients at scale, is a proven method of effective marketing and communications.

Learn how SpeakEasy works for your organization, team, and recipients below.

How SpeakEasy works for you:
Powerful creation at your fingertips
Use our design tool to quickly create content and campaigns to be shared amongst your team. Add images, links, multimedia files, and more. Everything you need is in one place.
Decide who can share your message
Not every campaign you create needs to be shared with every member of your team. With SpeakEasy, you decide which team members, at which locations, can share a campaign – and in what quantity.
Share your message with your team in one click
Review the campaign, details, and the team components. Ready to send? One-click and the campaign is instantly shared with your designated team to the SpeakEasy mobile app for immediate distribution.
How SpeakEasy works for your team:
  • Preview
  • Choose & Personalize
  • Send
Your team previews the campaign
Your team members receive a push notification via their SpeakEasy app. From the home screen of the app, team members can select the new campaign for a complete preview along with all of the specific details – details such as age requirements, date of availability, and specific considerations.
Decide who gets what
Your team individually chooses recipients from their known contacts. Duplicates of the same campaign to the same recipient can be prevented by the SpeakEasy system in the business rules selection setup during the campaign creation, improving the effectiveness of your campaign.
Send the message
The personalized message created, the team member selects “send” for the campaign to be distributed to their trusted, influenceable, recipient.
How SpeakEasy works for your audience:
A recipient, selected by a team member, receives a personal message and the campaign.
The targeted recipient receives the private message sent by your team member. An image preview is included along with a link to your campaign.
The recipient engages with your campaign.
All of the details of your campaign and organization contact details are displayed and optimized for mobile via the clean user interface.
The recipient takes action.
The targeted recipient can now take the specific action you asked of them in your message. This might be redeeming a coupon or offer, making a purchase, watching a video, or nearly anything else you can imagine. SpeakEasy literally integrates with everything from Amazon® to Zapier®.
Meet your audience where they communicate the most.