The most effective way to communicate

SpeakEasy gives you the power to control

The SpeakEasy dashboard is mission control for you marketing – a single place to create
content and push it out to your team, maximizing the reach of your message

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Intuitive design at your fingertips

No matter your design expertise level, creating content and campaigns with SpeakEasy is simple. Add images, links, multimedia files, and more, directly within the platform

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Control who shares your message

You decide which team members can share campaigns. Select team members from just one location or all. Limit the amount of times a campaign can be shared

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Send your message to the moon

With one click, campaign is instantly shared with your team for immediate distribution

Every member of your team is
a marketer

With SpeakEasy, campaigns are sent to your team to send your message far and wide

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Your team previews the campaign

Your team members receive a push notification via their SpeakEasy App. From the home screen of the app, team members can select the new campaign for a complete preview along with all the specific details – details such as age requirements, date of availability, and specific considerations

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Targeted personalization

Not every recipient is the same. Your team members can individually select recipients from their contacts and tailor their message accordingly

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Send the message

The personalized messages are sent to recipients via direct messaging channels to ensure the highest engagement

Easily engageable content to drive ROI

Once a team member sends out your message, audiences receive,
engage, convert and make you money.

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Recipients receive a personal message and the campaign

The targeted recipient receives the private message sent by your team member. An image preview is included along with a link to your campaign

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Recipients engage

Recipients are directed to your campaign’s module optimized landing page

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Maximum conversion rates

Landing pages make conversion simple. Recipients can be directed to redeem coupons, make purchases, watch videos or anything else imaginable

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