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Mobile Marketing Just Got Personal

Content distribution shared via chat messaging, targeted by team members, focused on relevance. 

SpeakEasy is the most powerful and flexible tool for team based content distribution

Whether you're distributing a promotion, announcing a new product, driving event attendance, or recruiting new employees, SpeakEasy helps you reach the most targeted, valuable people through the personal social knowledge of your individual team members.

Create Campaigns Quickly

Craft elegant campaigns in minutes with SpeakEasy’s intuitive campaign creator. Add an image, title, details, and see the results in a live simulator – ensuring everything you create is just how you want it. 

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Team Members Target And Share

Let your team members decide which of their friends and family members are most likely to want to receive each campaign, and be able to act on it. SpeakEasy provides hand selected targeting at scale. 

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Drive Audiences To Act

By customizing the Call To Action (CTA) button and adding your custom URL, you can seamlessly turn engagements into conversions. SpeakEasy’s smooth and engaging experience drives audiences to your unique webpage to take action. 

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Run highly targeted campaigns with SpeakEasy to drive audiences to your favorite tools, platforms, and websites to help your business grow.

The Complete Content Distribution Kit For Businesses

SpeakEasy builds the most powerful and flexible tools for team-based content distribution. Whether you're distributing a promotion, announcing a new product, or recruiting new employees, SpeakEasy's platform will help you reach the most targeted, valuable individuals through the social knowledge and influence of your team.

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