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Distribute promotions and event invites to your customers in minutes with SpeakEasy’s text message platform. Seamlessly turn these engagements into conversions with URL redirects that deliver intrigued customers to events, reservation scheduling, and online ordering pages.

Getting qualified applicants for open positions can be stressful and expensive — simplify your hiring process with SpeakEasy. By using text messages directly from your employees to their networks, SpeakEasy ensures your hiring campaigns are seen and acted upon by a highly targeted group of candidates.


Your employees and fans are thrilled about your upcoming events. Generate a wave of excitement by giving them an easy way to share invites with their friends.

People respond to direct, personal invitations. Scale this response with SpeakEasy to get the word out fast.
Make it easy for excited customers to act. SpeakEasy’s URL Redirect guides them to RSVPs and ticket purchasing.


Boost sales with highly targeted personal promotions.

Run flash sales with friends and family of your employees and fans. Get the word out fast and effectively with SpeakEasy’s direct text messages.
Generate excitement for your new items. Get people talking about the new showcases, and reward your fans by letting them in on the order before everyone else.
Drive customers toward online order pages to close the sales loop and encourage action.


Spread the word with personal, direct messages between real people. Empower your advocates to start conversations with SpeakEasy.

The power of personal connection has withstood the test of time. SpeakEasy makes it easy for your advocates to act on their influence by sharing your organization’s messages with the people that matter to them.
SpeakEasy can centralize your various forms of outreach, empowering your advocates to share each message effectively through a single platform. 



End of season means thousands of dollars in losses. SpeakEasy gives your team the tools to quickly and easily flip seasonal and expiring items for a profit.

Equip your team with everything they need to share promotions with potential buyers, driving these customers toward online order pages without a hassle. 
Stop looking at expiring goods and end-of-season as a problem, and start acting on the opportunity for quick sales. 


Empower advocates of your organization to share your mission.

Most non-profits use different platforms for fundraising, distributing event information, generating general awareness, and performing other important functions.
SpeakEasy can centralize various forms of outreach, empowering your advocates to share each message effectively through a single platform — a platform with a 67% engagement rate.

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