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Communicate with your team in a secure, controlled environment with SpeakEasy Chat. Make sure everyone is heard, increase efficiency, and foster a sense of community within your organization.


Easily Message Your Team

Create a culture of collaborate and communication with your team through SpeakEasy Chat. It’s as easy as using SMS or services like WhatsApp, but for business teams. Increase productivity by enabling your team to send images, videos and other files.

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Control Your Internal Team Communication

Unlike WhatsApp or iMessage, you have the ability to control who is part of your team, who has access to what conversations and content, and ultimately own all conversations for your team. 

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Allow Your Team To Share Externally

SpeakEasy is the only chat platform that allows you to grant your team permission to share specific messages and content to an external network. All through your team’s favorite platforms like iMessage, WhatsApp, SMS, and more! 

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Collaborate In Groups Or 1:1

Allow different departments or teams within your organization to communicate effectively through group chats. Whether 1:1 or 1:99, SpeakEasy Chat opens up valuable lines of communication between the right people on your team. 

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Communicate From Anywhere

Whether traveling, or at the office, stay in the loop with our mobile app and website. SpeakEasy Chat can also be used on desktop through our website, for added efficiency when at your desk. 

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