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People want to communicate – and do across many consumer services and platforms each day. Effective and efficient team communications starts with everyone being on the same “Channel”. A channel that is easy to understand, easy to use, fast, and simple.

SpeakEasy Chat
Easy & Intuitive
Messaging should be simple, efficient, and easy to use. No fancy chat commands or complex integrations required to message. Choose a recipient, type the message, and send. Add files or photos, or send an emoji to make a point. Users can have one to one or group conversations. Easily broadcast news or announcements over the dedicated Announcement Channel.
Private & Secure
SpeakEasy Chat is not a consumer application. The data is not mined, sold, or shared with other parties for targeting purposes. Identified by name, not by telephone number, a user is assured protection of personal contact information.
In Control
Users can block unwanted, private conversations from other users without affecting group conversations. Users can choose notification settings such as set a Do Not Disturb. Only authorized team members allowed. When a team member deactivates, all access to SpeakEasy Chat is removed, yet the full history remains.
Meet your audience where they communicate the most.