SpeakEasy is the premier digital word-of-mouth messaging platform for team syndicated content.

Allow teams to share the right content, to the right audience, at the right time.

Reaching and engaging audiences is hard

SpeakEasy makes it easy to create fast, shareable content designed for maximum effectiveness
through direct messaging channel optimization.


84% of all social sharing takes place across private messaging channels. SpeakEasy can provide your organization easy access to these private channels – at scale. 


92% of people trust a message when it comes from a friend or family member. Reach receptive audiences leveraging your team members personal brand and influence. 


SpeakEasy makes it easy for your team to share your content far and wide. Content is easily shared across all private messaging platforms.


With 91% engagement rates and 67%+ conversions – there isn’t a more cost-effective medium that delivers a more affordable ROI.

Create and share content

Create content using our easy to use campaign builder and catapult the content to your team for easy distribution.

Create content

Instead of bloated emails, easily create elegant, mobile-optimized campaigns to ensure your message is seen and understood.

Harness the power of network effects

Leverage your team and “six-degrees of separation” to spread your message wide and deep,

Broadcast your message

Choose the team members that can share your content. Select individually, by groups, or locations. You’re in control of ‘who’ can share ‘what’ and ‘when’.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Recipients engage your content as clean, mobile-friendly mini-websites optimized for conversion.

Determine what and when campaigns are seen

Robust, easy-to-use campaign builder with scheduling and robust features to drive conversions.

Track the metrics that matter

Track metrics for each campaign and metrics for individual team members.

Optimize your word-of-mouth marketing