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Are you shouting into a digital void?

Over 84 percent of all social sharing occurs over private, direct messaging networks like WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, and many others. Somehow, though, 90 percent of marketing budgets are still spent on public channels.

It’s on these same public channels that the average person already consumes more than 5,000 other ads per day. This makes setting your company apart from the rest more difficult, time-intensive, and expensive than ever before. 

At SpeakEasy, our primary goal is to share your brand’s message directly with the people who will care. How do we do that, you ask? Through Dark Social.

What is Dark Social and how is it used at SpeakEasy?

Completely unrelated to the infamous “Dark Web,” Dark Social channels include SMS, chat, private messaging services, and email. If you communicate through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, you are a user of Dark Social. 

SpeakEasy is the first tool that enables you activate your brand advocates through Dark Social with easy-to-consume, actionable content. From discount codes to pre-launch product previews, each campaign is completely customizable to your specific goals and budget. 

Most importantly, the content you develop for each campaign is shared directly from one legitimate contact to another. Think of it as purely mobile word-of-mouth marketing. 

Inspire action with word-of-mouth marketing, platform, and personal influence.
Meet your audience where they communicate the most.
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